Word “No Tobbaco day” – A text for intermediate students

Today is May 31st 2021 … “World no Tobacco day”.

Today’s date is dedicated to those who are trying to quit smoking while also raising awareness to the damages smoke may cause.
Second hand smoking is also harmful as what comes out of people’s lungs after they smoke, is far worse than the cigarrete itself.

What a smoker inhales is a combination of Poison and O2 whilst what he exhales is pure poison and CO2.

The number of people who got cancer due to their parents smoking habits and gatherings in confined spaces such as offices and night clubs, is astonishing.

If you still need a reason to quit or not to get started, there is also the COVID-19 pandemic which is quite aggressive to those who smoke.

Share this idea and if you smoke, there is still time to quit.


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